Why I have adopted the zipper - 2011

I adopted the zipper as an expressive instrument, such as a symbol or metaphor of everyday life.The zipper opens and closes like a flash, start a race and arena at the point of arrival. Begins and ends, such as dialogue, hope, love and life.Not only that opens and reveals and conceals or greenhouse. The revelation promotes truth closure simulation, denial, betrayal of sincerity.

The hinge holds our personal relationships, and interviews with consolidation, solidarity and friendship, trust and future. But at the same time, and on the contrary, hidesreality, refuses the interview raises a boundary, a barrier keeps places denied and driven away the prospect.It opens as a horizon of images and closes like chest of silence, as a gravestone of the past.Can be translated in the absoluteness of an ‚idea, in the memory, imagination, consciousness and interiority.You may even think that the zipper is a portrait, social, moral, of the individual and of his soul.It ‚a simple thing but it‘s a thousand pages of reading and in this I find fascinating. Charlotte Ritzow, 2011

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