I adopted the Zipper as an expressive tool, as a symbol or metaphor of everyday life. The zipper opens and closes like a zip, a race and an arena begins at the finish point. It begins and ends, like dialogue, hope, love and life. Not only that it opens and reveals and hides, squeezes or crushes. Revelation promotes the simulation of the closure of the truth, the denial, the betrayal of sincerity. The hinge, for better or for worse, is part of everyday life, all of us, the pages, the simplest or the most twisted of our existence. The hinge holds our personal relationships, and interviews with consolidation, solidarity and friendship, trust and future. But at the same time, and on the contrary, it hides reality, rejects the interview, raises a boundary, a barrier keeps the places denied and distances the perspective, opens up as a horizon of images and closes as a casket of silence, as a tombstone. past. It can be translated into the absoluteness of an idea, into memory, imagination, consciousness and interiority. It can also be thought that the zip is a social, moral portrait of the individual and his soul. simple thing but they are a thousand pages of reading and in this I find it fascinating. Charlotte Ritzow,